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Home Energy and Comfort Assessments

Is a Home Energy and Comfort Assessment Right for You?

It’s more important than ever to protect your home, budget, and family. If you and your home experience any of these conditions, a home energy and comfort assessment from Bel Red can help:

  • High utility or repair bills
  • Hot, cold or drafty rooms
  • Excessive dust, allergens or other airborne particles
  • Dirt lines at carpet edges
  • Dry or humid air
  • Lingering odors

    Home Energy Efficiency Assessment


We take the guesswork out of solving these problems in your home. Our certified auditors will inspect and scientifically test your home. We will provide you with the facts about what is causing these problems, and identify permanent solutions to make your indoor living environment clean, safe, and comfortable, with the lowest possible utility bills.


Bel Red offers two choices in whole home testing through our Standard and Premier Assessments. Both programs deliver outstanding benefits, with our Premier Assessment providing the most comprehensive results available. If you truly want to know how to improve the efficiency, comfort, health, and safety of your home, a Premier Home Energy Assessment is the ideal choice.


Standard Assessment ($299)

A basic energy assessment providing very useful comfort, health, safety and home efficiency testing and recommendations, which includes –


Air leakage evaluation

Home Air Leakage Evaluation

  • An infiltrometer blower door test checks for air and energy loss through leaks in your home’s envelope and duct system.
  • We identity any areas where significant leaks exist.

Infrared thermal imaging diagnostics

Infrared Thermal Imaging Diagnostics

  • Like an X-ray of your home – we use an advanced thermal imaging camera to find problems not visible to the naked eye or hidden within walls, floors and ceilings.

Insulation inspection

  • Insulation levels throughout your home are visually inspected to see if they meet recommended levels for comfort and energy efficiency.

Home Air Flow DiagnosisAir flow diagnosis

  • Design flaws or obstructions in ductwork can reduce airflow, resulting in serious problems.
  • Our tests reveal these problems that can cause major reliability, comfort and efficiency issues.

Gas leak checkHome Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water Equipment Inspection

  • Accessible gas pipes and joints are checked for potentially hazardous leaks.

Equipment safety inspection

  • Visual inspection of your home’s heating, cooling and hot water equipment to identify signs of deterioration, improper installation or poor maintenance.

Personalized improvement plan

  • Once testing is completed, we review results with you, providing thorough written reports and prioritized recommendations for correcting any problems discovered.

Upgrade discounts

  • Purchase any recommended improvements from Bel Red within 90 days of your assessment and we’ll credit up to 50% of your assessment cost toward the purchase.

100% satisfaction guarantee

  • If, upon completion of your assessment, you do not find the service worthwhile, we’ll keep the reports and you will not be charged for your assessment*.


*Up to $299


Premier Assessment ($599)

A comprehensive energy assessment – includes everything in the Standard Assessment – plus an array of additional comfort, health, safety and efficiency tests, including all the ones listed below.


You may also add any of these additional tests at a low, à la carte price. Ask us for complete pricing details.


AirAdvice® indoor air
quality analysis

  • Takes a 3-day air sample test - measuring levels of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, humidity, airborne particulates, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and temperature fluctuations.
  • Receive a detailed written report showing you what’s in the air you breathe.

Equipment performance and safety testing

  • Combustion efficiency of your furnace is measured to determine actual percentage of heating dollars being wasted.
  • Verification that combustion levels of all gas appliances are within safe limits.

Heat load calculation

  • An EPA-recommended “Manual J” heat load calculation to verify proper sizing of your heating and cooling systems.
  • Can identity reasons behind poor comfort and high utility bills.


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